Primitive Projectile Workshops

Interactive Learning

Bringing workshops to school, events and festivals, in learning the art of ancient hunting and primitive living. Offering you the chance of throwing a variety of projectiles including Spears, Boomerangs and Bolas at specially made targets in a safe and respectful way. Handle replica objects from the past and learn history through having a go. Prizes to be one and a sense of enrichment and respect to be gained. Aimed at both kids and adults this workshop is fun for all the family and is great for getting them back into nature and giving them a hands-on approach to history and green practices.

Workshop Plan

I offer the opportunity for you to engage with this early period of history as I introduce the beginnings of early man and how we lived as hunter gatherers. I can explain how different tools and materials were used to enable you to get a real sense of the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods.  I can provide objects and artefacts for a hands-on experience and display a prehistoric camp with shelter. You will be shown how to make objects from the past including spears, fish hooks, talking sticks and traps to name a few in an authentic way.  I will provide the authentic materials which allow you to be creative using natural pigments, glues, cordage and tools.